MrsDarling.org is a documentation of one woman’s path through life and her finding the balance that each person faces to become perfectly them.

She is the lady of what appears to be a traditionally old-fashioned household: a homemaker and doting mother and wife, with her husband off working to bring home the bacon. Aspiring to be a domestic goddess, she focuses her energy on cooking, baking, crafting, sewing, and being the idealised 1950’s housewife.

But each evening, when the house is quiet, Mrs. Darling hangs up her apron in exchange for a slave collar.

This woman is living in a “Modern day 1950’s kink M/s (Master/slave) household.”

Along with her Master, known in writing as MR (Mister), she is on a mission to educate the general population about what an M/s household can really look like.

Join Mrs. Darling on her path in consensual slavehood.

Just be prepared to have many misconceptions dispelled.


Book Update

I have been working so very hard at getting this book ready to go and well, here it is! Finally available for pre-order at iTunes for our Apple fans, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Books. Click the link below to reserve your copy and it will be sent to you first on release date, June 1st 2016.

Links to Amazon and print copies to come. Let me know if you have any questions or need help!

iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/x/id1088993033

Barnes and Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/darling-discovered-mrs-darling/1123478712;jsessionid=1FEC7EEB824CCFC36766DB50357BD221.prodny_store01-atgap03?ean=2940152890990

Kobo Books – https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/darling-discovered-a-true-story-of-submission

Read a sample here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/619275



If you are interested in learning more about the modern day 1950’s kink M/s household, be sure to check out Mrs. Darling’s essay on the subject in Paradigms of Power: Styles of Master/slave Dynamics, edited by Raven Kaldera.


It is available for purchase as ebook or in print here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/raven-kaldera/paradigms-of-power-styles-of-masterslave-relationships/paperback/product-21751803.html

Welcome! And as always,
Kind Regards,
Mrs. Darling

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nettie

    Read your book. Loved most of it. I struggled with the ‘misunderstanding’ at the end. I love that you both learned from his mistake. We did too, and wow, did we grow! Married 32yrs now. I especially enjoyed seeing how you made the 24/7 work, as we are really develging into this since our last child moved out. It really helped me to understand the flexibility of each dynamic. Not all are the same.

    Do you have a email list for when you release new blog posts?


  2. Hello Nettie,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to both read and then write! I appreciate all feedback and am glad you found our story enjoyable.

    We did learn, oh boy did we ever! Our power exchange dynamic has only deepened over the years. It functions so well in our home.

    Congratulations on the long marriage! What an inspiration. Hopefully the Mister and I will make it to that accomplishment with a little bit of hard work and good fortune.

    I am happy I was able to shed some light into the reality of living 24/7; it was one of my motivators in telling our tale. I feel like there are assumptions made about Dominance and submission when in reality, there are as many ways of living it as there are relationship styles. There is no one way. No right way. Power. Exchanged. That’s it How often or in what way is all up to the people involved.

    Enjoy your new found freedom with the kids gone and feel free to write with questions anytime you have them. I am always glad to help out in any way possible.

    Feel free to email me at Mrs_Darling@outlook.com and I will add you to my list.

    I am also always accessible here, on Twitter, Instagram, and Fetlife.

    All the best in life and love.

    Kind Regards,
    Mrs. Darling


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