Our 1950’s Family Mission Statement

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We are a family of creators.
We create beauty, and positivity.
We create our own path to follow.
We create a comfortable environment for those who enter our world.
We create laughter and pleasure and goodness.

We are a family of workers.
We all play our part. Nothing is just given.
It must be earned and maintained.
What we have we appreciate; what we don’t have we work towards.
We work our minds, our bodies, our spirits.
We push ourselves
and each other
to our own personal greatness, whatever that looks like.

We are a family that chooses our family.
We are each others lifeblood; we love unconditionally.
Not just those in our given family tree,
but the beautiful wind chimes we invite to now live in our tree.

We are a family first and foremost.
Kind creators and open minded thinkers and hard workers, madly in love with life and each other.


Kind Regards,

Mrs. Darling

Our 1950’s Household – Household Values

We are one year into running a household manual. My husband/Head of Household/Master is in charge of the keeping of this booklet that has become in some ways sacred to us. He has a checklist of our daily and monthly protocols and obligations and checks it each evening to see how well he did in leading and I did in serving.

It is an evolving booklet. It is akin to a business plan for our household and our dynamic. We go to it constantly as a refresher and reminder of what our goals are; what we have committed to maintain in our relationship.

There are sections that, one year in, we are still developing. It’s the big ideas that we’re still fine tuning (household mission statement, vision for the household, long term goals.)

Today we filled in with a fine tipped permanent marker one of these: our household values.

Thought we would share it here.

Our Modern Day 1950’s M/s Household Values

We value:

  • Experiences over things.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Time well spent over mindlessness.
  • Kindness over judgement.
  • Optimism over judgement.
  • Growth over stagnation.

We value:

  • Our family, our friends, and our community.
  • The world around us, and all of its creatures.
  • Honest and open communication in our relationships.
  • Creative thinking, exploration, and innovation.
  • Basic human rights for all people.
  • Service to others while maintaining the self.
  • The constant pursuit of a life that is healthy, wealthy, and wise.

We value:

  • Unconditional love for our immediate family.

and finally,

  • The vital importance that is maintaining our marriage and Power Exchange dynamic, for it is the rock upon which our household is built.

Thanks for reading and much love from our home to yours.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Darling