This may be the greatest thing I ever do.

I woke early and while listening to the coffee brew in an otherwise silent house I checked out Facebook.

Don’t judge.

Amongst the now-only slew of minions, recipes, political opinions with increasing frequency, and pets-plus-kids (hey, guilty) I came across an inspirational meme about parenting:

“What if the greatest thing you accomplish isn’t something you do, but somebody you raise.”

Gotta be honest, I gave it points for making me reflect on my parenting choices.

Yet I scrolled on and the question kept coming back to me only in different form. I began to reflect on my submission and service and tangled it up in this question re-formed. It became:

“What if the greatest thing you accomplish isn’t something you do, but the Partner you back?

Well, I think that’s an incredible thing.

I am my Dominant’s greatest cheerleader. I am his rock when he wavers, his secretary to remind him of his schedule, his editor in type, his dictionary, his marketing guru, his accountant, his personal shopper. I am anything and anybody he needs me to be at the moment. It’s an exhausting job, a full time one like his.

At the end of the day though, I’m gonna stand outside of the limelight and watch that man shine. I want to help him become the best man he could ever dream of becoming. I want to handle the details while he controls the big picture. I want to back his decisions and encourage him to think critically.

How many mountains can we move together if I cheer you on while you push?

More than alone.

Maybe building up this Man, this Master, can be the greatest thing I ever do. Because in helping him fulfill his dreams, I am living mine.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Darling

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