Five Years of Marriage, and a Lifetime of Difference

It is my fifth wedding anniversary. Not a feat for many, but quite a celebration for my marriage. You can’t understand how high this makes us until you understand how low we’ve been.

Years ago we were at the end of our relationship. Working through the unthinkable- infidelity- we found ourselves in marriage counseling. There we were given a choice:

Be brutally honest with our partner for the first time ever, or wave the white flag of surrender and separate.

Hearing the truth ended up being possibly more painful.

Despite our deep connection, we were unhappy. Unfulfilled. Two souls, lost.

We each had deep desires. We each denied them for, well, our entire lifetime.

But years ago, in an act of both desperation and bravery, my husband (MR) and I (MrsDarling), spewed it into the air.

We were interested in an alternative way of life.

That of being Dominant and submissive.

We have spent our entire marriage delving headfirst (and always hand-in-hand) into the rabbit hole that is the world of BDSM. That journey has taught us about honesty, communication, embracing our true selves, shunning many modern relationship models, bringing back old fashioned ideals, and that with enough hard work and commitment, love truly can conquer all.

If we were to put a label on our marriage now it would read as: 24/7 TPE (Total Power Exchange) M/s (Master/slave) functioning in an ethically non-monogamous modern day 1950’s household.


But labels aren’t everything. Nothing can summate “us”.

This is where I will continue to document my path as a full-time consensual sex and service slave happily serving my husband. I hope to use my words to paint a new picture of the female submissive as somebody who is smart, and bold, and poised, with both a backbone and an opinion (albeit a polite one) and living a completely fulfilling life in service.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”
-Rabindranath Tagore

So today, for us, five years is an achievement of monumental proportions. We honestly didn’t know if we’d make it here. But here we are, happier than we ever expected to be in life, wrapping up a hot, homemade breakfast of biscuits and gravy, preparing to head out and get our anniversary gift.

Despite our untraditional marriage, our anniversary gifts have always been of the traditional variety. You may know how it goes-

First anniversary- paper
Second anniversary- cotton

Year five is wood. So out we’ll go to find a new tree to plant in our yard together.

I can’t wait to watch it, and us, grow over the years to come.

Kind Regards,

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