What It Isn’t



Requiring I greet you on my knees
Isn’t about degradation
it’s about making me present to You

That I refer to you properly at all times
Isn’t about making me less of a person
It’s about addressing You with respect You’ve earned

The collar I wear upon my neck
Isn’t about marking your territory
For I would surely serve you if stripped bare
It’s a constant reminder of a life of servitude

Demanding I come to you for decisions
Isn’t about you thinking me incapable
It’s about wanting to know about the household you lead

That I cook every meal and provide for Your body
Isn’t about laziness
It’s just that I make a great sandwich

That I push my body and my boundaries
To accept your pain and desires
Isn’t about my masochism, my pleasure
It’s about my duty to you, your pleasure

Commanding my days
Isn’t about a desire to micromanage
It’s about showing you care enough to be involved

Living this way
Isn’t about the extra work that needs to be done
It’s about the extra blessings you and I receive as a result

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Darling

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