What to do today? (A New Writer’s Freedom)

Mabe I should go swimming.
Or hit the beach.
What about shopping?
It’s been a long time since I’ve been shopping!

Try a new recipe?
Maybe a new dinner.
Maybe a new dessert.
Maybe both!

I should email these 50 people I miss.
Wonder how this dear lady is?
Plan a girl’s night. Plan a group night.
Plan all the nights!!

Hey what was the name of that book series I’ve abandoned half way through?
And the other one I did the same with?
When’s the last time I read??
My eyes are so blurry.
Can I even read anymore?

I should post on my Fet groups.
Respond to instagram messages.
Check in on Facebook.
Do people still Facebook?
Check my blog.
Find somebody who knows about blogs and ask them to help me improve my blog.
Clean out my junk mail.
Wonder what’s being asked on Reddit these days?

Plan a birthday party?
Shit, no birthdays.
A dinner party instead!
A high protocol fancy dancy D/s couple dinner party!
Yes, yes, yes!
So deliciously time consuming and overly complicated.

And when’s the last time I rolled up my sleeves for some good old-fashioned slave training?
Waist training perhaps?
God I’ve had that in the back of my mind forever.
Note to self: ask MR about waist training.

Take a nap.
Take a walk.
Take a road trip.
Take a bath.
Take a break.
Take a moment to just breeeeeathe.


Cause I just finished writing my very first book. 16 long months of “It’ll never happen!” has officially happened.

What I won’t do today is write. Or edit. Fuck editing.

But tomorrow……

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Darling

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