The Rest Are Minor Details

“What tools do i like best?”

Well thanks for asking! Whips more than canes, paddles more than floggers, and let me tell you about my feelings on electric play….

No, wait, never mind. Scratch that.

i like to be dominated; to do as demanded. To be taken. Used.

i like whatever gets a dick hard when brushed up against me during play.

i want to be a fantasy. my body to be a sexual muse. i wanna inspire.

i’m am exhibitionist, pulling my desire from others desiring me. If i walk into a room, i want all eyes on me, to feel the heat of being undressed with stares all around. Make me a future dream.

i want to be shown off. An arm around my hip, collar upon my throat, watching each person do their best to stop staring at my lofted and bound breasts while talking to me.

Picture untying that corset. Let it turn you on.

i dare ya.

Tell me how badly i’m wanted. Tell me how sexy i look tonight. Tell me how amazing i am.

The floggers and tools? The rest?

The rest are just minor details.

Kind Regards,
Mrs. Darling

One thought on “The Rest Are Minor Details

  1. LoL, with all my respect to your Sir; I will not say the things I have thought and said to my angyl about doing to you.
    What was it I said one of the first times I saw you ? ..ohh ya;
    I think the only thing I wouldn’t do to her is …. Stop.

    Ya I know, just what you wanted to hear :::evilgrin:::

    ❤ Love you two always, no matter the waves of temporary storms. ❤


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